Smarter Investing, Greater Profits
Online Conference
August 17-19, 2021


You'll get live access to nine hours of programming dedicated to providing you with proven profitable investing strategies, expert insights into current market trends and a first look at emerging areas that top analysts are monitoring closely for the next best opportunities.  

This year, we're also expanding the topics covered to dive deeper into metals, clean tech investing and ETFs to help you increase your sector-specific opportunities.


"I tell people all the time, 'Investing is easy, just subscribe to Cabot Wealth newsletters and do what the analysts tell you to do. Buy when they say "buy" and sell when they say "sell."' My portfolio is up 80% YTD. Enough Said."

"I owe my very successful results thus far entirely to Mike, Tyler and Tim … would not nor could not have done it without them."

"Hearing directly from the analysts ... is an unprecedented opportunity. Thank you Cabot for your excellent products and an absolutely wonderful investing summit. This event is not to be missed!" 

"Cabot offers the rare combination of expert insight and confident contrarian/independent thinking to individual investors. Their commitment to not just 'telling' but teaching is invaluable."

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Proven Profitable Investing Strategies

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"The Cabot Online Summit was by far the best experience ever for me with an investment seminar!" - 2020 Attendee


More specialized insights into increasing your return potential, including the ever-popular Top Picks Panel

Cabot Wealth Summit: Ready-to-act-upon investing advice delivered live by Cabot's expert analysts

Financial Freedom Federation Forum: Introduction to Investing, ETFs, Metals and Clean Tech


Get ahead of the investment crowd as you learn about successful wealth-building strategies.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Increase Returns and Grow Your Wealth

Previously the standalone Cabot Wealth Summit, we're introducing the Smarter Investing, Greater Profits Conference to you this year as a combination of the inaugural Financial Freedom Federation Forum on day one and the Summit on days two and three - an event many of our most successful customers have attended annually over the past nine years.

Throughout the conference, you will get access to top investing experts' best-in-class wealth-building recommendations via live online sessions, including Q&A segments to pick the professionals' brains.

As always, Cabot Prime Members receive the absolute best price to register
for the full conference - days 1, 2 and 3. Check out the agenda and sign up today.


The Conference Begins In: